I wrote a post about JavaScript Functions


I wrote a post: JavaScript: A review of functions

It covers:

  • Basic functions
  • Function expressions
  • Anonymous functions
  • Arrow functions
  • Factory functions
  • Immediately-invoked function expressions (IIFEs); the basics
  • Varieties of IIFEs
  • IIFEs in the wild

It, or sections of it, might be useful to students (like me) of the Odin JavaScript unit, or of the JavaScript section of the Web Dev 101 unit.

Medium estimates it is a 14 minute read, but I would at least double that if the concepts it includes are new to you.

Feedback, either here or as comments on the post itself, would be greatly appreciated! :grin::+1:


Good job @jinjagit


@CouchofTomato; Thanks! :hugs: