I would like some feedback for my first two projects

Hello everyone. A while ago I started this course in the odin project and one of the first projects are ones to make a static page similar to google’s homepage and another one similar to google search results.

I am (almost) done with them. There are a few things I want to fix and some more things that I want to understand since this wasn’t as easy as I thought. I uploaded both of them on Github and Heroku and I’d like some feedback.

Here is the homepage one :
Github repository : https://github.com/mariosz96/google-homepage

And here is the search results one :
Github repository : https://github.com/mariosz96/google-search

I appreciate anyone who takes the time to look at it.

PS : Please don’t laugh at my README files, I don’t know what to write in them yet :sweat_smile:

They both look pretty spot on from a graphic viewpoint.

It is a little hard to view the page without a direct link to it. You can use htmlpreview.github.io to post directly to the html page. It looks like this:

Thank you for the answer. I wanted to include the github page for each project when I made the thread but since I was a new member it only allowed me to post 2 links.

Here are the direct links if you want to check them later:



They look great! how long did they take you ?

About 3 days total for both of them. I did the homepage in a 1-2 hours but the search results one was pretty crazy for me. If you choose to recreate all elements in the page there are so many things you can learn throughout this project. I spent about 7-8+ hours on that one.

wow that’s impressive for the homepage really well done :clap: :clap:
and even more well done for the search results page to, i have a target to work towards now lol

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Another easy way to allow people to view the full page easily is to put the links in the readme. For future reference.

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