I need your help please - having troubles installing rails on ubuntu


Hello world!

I need a good buddy with Teamviewer who can volunteer to help me out in clearing my difficulties in. Its so technical I do not understand what next to do.

I have shared some screenshots of some of the messages I am getting. Someone with teamviewer should please come to my rescue.



Here are other screenshots…






similar issue met. waiting for an answer


try run bundle install. see whether you lack certain head file. If lack, then install it and retry. Good luck


Very similar issue on Fedora.
run bundle exec spring binstub --all

“Could not find gem ‘sqlite3’ in any of the gem sources listed in your Gemfile.”

Run bundle install to install missing gems.

“Could not locate Gemfile”



What next can I do? I love to learn Ruby n Rails, but I just can’t get past this quarter. I really need your help.


Sorry man, i’m in the same boat. Can’t get past this bit.


You are running the commands from the home directory. You need to move the terminal into the directory containing your rails app.


How do I do this sir?


Did you do the section on the command line?

You use cd and the name of the directory you want to move into to change directories in your terminal


Did you install vs code before you installed rails?