I need help with an excise

Hello I’m currently on the exercises for the fundamentals of JavaScript 4 I’m having trouble with running and testing the code to complete the exercises more specifically the hello world.js I’ve the Readme section. I was wondering if I need to run the code on the site. It allows me to edit the code but it won’t allow me to run the. I do apologize if the solution is in front of me and i’m allowing it to fly over my head thanks in advance.

Let us know what you have done so far. What have you ran in the terminal? Some screenshots would help.

this is where I am the instructions want me to return the hello world as a sting inside the function but i’m unsure how to run it I got to the preview tab next to but that only shows the alteration I made to the code and not actually running it

Read the readme file in the link above for instructions on what you should be doing to run the code.

I’ve read the Readme.md it’s asking me to enter jasmine helloworld.spec.js in the terminal i’m unsure how to open the terminal is there something I’ve forgot to download?

Are you working purely in your browser? There are several tools we invite learners to install early on, like an operating system, a local text editor, and more.

This lesson introduces the concepts: https://www.theodinproject.com/courses/web-development-101/lessons/installation-overview

And the following lesson has specific instructions on how to install everything.