I got a job!

Congratulations and thanks for the encouragement.


I know this is a late reply, but that sounds awesome! I’m just starting, so this is very motivating. Wish me luck!

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Man, that’s amazing! Congratulations!
I just started TOP and I’m really hoping to achieve something similar, thank you for the inspiration!

Congratulations! Happy for you.

I know this was months ago, but I’d like to ask just one thing:

when you began applying for jobs, did you just have TOP course on your resume or you did something else (like freelancing)???



Congratulations, and good luck on your new journey!

Congrats, @akaswen !!! :slight_smile:

Hey Jesus, sorry for the delayed response. Before I finished TOP, I made a tiny web app for my dad, and for the final project of TOP, I made an application for a friend of mine. Because of that, I listed that I had like 1 or 2 months of freelancing experience, which I then listed on my cv. So the sum total was TOP and that little freelance experience. But everything was on github so they could see my code and see that I was able to build web apps, which I think is the biggest part.


Very inspiring story! Thank you for sharing. Congrats and good luck!

Comgratulations @akaswen,
this is an inspirational story and it gives me more confidence as a new comer .

Congrats, @akaswen ! :tada:

I just joined The Odin Project yesterday !
your story inspires me a lot :blush:

Well, congratulations !!! :tada:

Congratulations @akaswen :clap:

Your story is an inspiration to all of us and I hope to see you grow and evolve! All the best Aaron!

Wow congrats!:exploding_head::clap::raised_hands:

Hey i’m New here, and once i read some of what odin offers us, i was reading the member posts and seeing you through this post you really inspired me, I wish you a successful career in the future. @akaswen ++

Congratulations man!

Giving hope to the rest of us!

Would you still recommend the RoR path or do you think the JS track might be even better?