I got a job!


Wow! Congratulations! Very inspiring


Congrats @akaswen


Congratulations! @akaswen may you achieve the best of success!


Great Inspiration @akaswen , i am starting this adventure and i hope get a job too.


That’s fantastic to hear, wishing you all the best.


@akaswen that’s an inspiration… work smarter to balance both your music and backend job. Congratulations


Great news


Congratulations. That is awesome news. Very motivational. Thanks for sharing. :tada::sparkles:


Congrats! Inspiring to hear as I am just starting down the road myself. Hope it’s still going well for you!




Very cool! I just started and I hope to be where you are at in a years time! Congratulations!


Congratulations @akaswen :grin:


Congratulations! I am so inspired when I hear others attributing TOP to their success! It gives me a lot of hope :}




Congratulations @akaswen!


Congrats @akaswen, hope we could following your path.


Congratulations! This is so inspiring. Thank you.


Congrats @akaswen! Keep up the amazing work and thank you for choosing to become an inspiration to those of us that wish to learn and become professional coders one day!


Congratulations !


Serious Inspiration. Congrats!