I got a job!


Hey guys,

Just wanted to drop a line with some good news. I got hired this week! Brief background, I started the odin project a little over a year ago. Originally I was a professional opera singer. I got a bachelor’s degree and masters degree both in music. After a bit of a tough career and major burnout, I started coding on the odin project. When I started, I knew NOTHING. I didn’t even know what an html element was. Now I’m working as a backend developer at a great startup company in Berlin (i moved to germany for the sake of my music career), and really excited to get paid to keep learning! Just wanted to drop this post here to say that it IS possible and you CAN do it as long as you can find the motivation to work your way through the course. Thank you to everyone who contributes and contributed to the odin project. I owe you guys!


congratulations to you @akaswen


Congrats! Wish you 100 more years of success wherever the path leads you.


Congratulations! Well done! And thanks for sharing your success with us students!


great inspiration, congrats


Congratulations @akaswen May the codes continue to be with you. Thank you for the great motivation.


Congratulations @akaswen!


thanks for letting us know and congratulations! really helps to hear from people that have gone through the odin project, and have found success.


Congratulations!!! Thank you for letting us in on your success!!


First and foremost CONGRATULATIONS my man!
1.How many job interviews have you made?
2. What technologies do you use to your everyday life? (ror/node-express)
3. How much of th Odin Project’s curriculum have you completed?

Just curious could you provide us your github account I am curious to see how much effort it takes to be a proficient coder like you have became!

P.S. really cheers mate it is AMAZING what you did and more importantly that you have selected and achieved to change your profession!


Hi @AlexandreLeFou, sorry it has taken me so long to get back to this, but perhaps it is a bit better though since I have more of an idea of what technologies I use daily in my new job. To answer your questions though:

  1. I actually found a job very quickly and relatively easily. I think part of it is that I am in Berlin and the job market seems particularly lively here for web developers. I sent in several applications that were either rejected or just not responded to, but my first interview was for the company that hired me. I got the offer while being in the middle of an interview process with another company, but I went with the first company because I wanted to be safe and take a job that I already had instead of waiting to see if I would get a different, better job. I also signed up for a recruiting platform that connects developers directly with companies, and I had an initial interview offer through that which I never took because I had already accepted the first job. I also was contacted by recruiters fairly regularly (at least once a week once I made my linkedin profile and said I was open to new opportunities). Most of them were largely unhelpful, but there was one or two that actually did make introductions to other companies for me.

  2. I was hired as a backend developer, so almost all of my time is spent in ruby on rails. I do some javascript every once in a while, but for the most part, my company likes to have back end developers focused in RoR, and front end developers focused on React. While I did learn javascript through the course and am in the middle of the Max Scharzmuller React course, my boss currently wants me focusing on developing my skills as a back end developer instead of broadening into full stack. Some other technologies that we are using that have been a bit of a challenge for me are docker and ansible for the environment set up, and we are hooked up with elastic search and salesforce.

  3. I completed pretty much all of the course, just a couple html sections that I skipped because I had done enough in the RoR section

As for github, it basically hasn’t changed since I finished the course, so feel free to check it out:

Thanks again to everyone here for all your help and contributions, I absolutely love my job!


Congrats! So awesome to hear about your success. :slight_smile:


Congratulations! So inspirational to hear your news! :slight_smile:


Congratulations @akaswen.
Thanks for the post. People like you push me and motivate me. I hope one day I will post “I got a Job” post.


Hello @akaswen

This is encouraging to hear that you successfully transitioned from one career to the other.

In case I have questions regarding frontend/backend jobs can I ask you?
Tips and hints to prepare for the job.



Hi @henry,

Feel free to ask any questions you might have. Just a warning, I do have a tendency to not be very fast in responding here on the odin project, but I’ll do my best to get back to you fairly quickly. I’m not sure where you are in the process, but what I can say for now is just not to get intimidated. Whether you’re learning still, or ready for a job, or about to begin your first job, it’s going to be a little scary and possibly overwhelming with the amount of new information, but if you just keep going, you’ll pick it up quickly.

Best of luck!



That is fantastic @akaswen! Thanks so much for sharing your amazing news! It’s so inspiring and it is a strong testament to the fact that the The Odin Project and it’s community really works!

Here’s wishing the very best as you embark in your new career! Viel Glück and Nessun Dorma :smile:!





@akaswen Man your testimony is giving me that kick in the butt to get on with coding. I picked interest in coding because I love to understand how things work. I am giving it my all because I know when I am done, something wonderful is waiting for me out there.

Again thanks for sharing.


Thanks for sharing this man! It really helped me looking forwarding about investing my time in this whole new world.