I got a job!


Hey guys,

Just wanted to drop a line with some good news. I got hired this week! Brief background, I started the odin project a little over a year ago. Originally I was a professional opera singer. I got a bachelor’s degree and masters degree both in music. After a bit of a tough career and major burnout, I started coding on the odin project. When I started, I knew NOTHING. I didn’t even know what an html element was. Now I’m working as a backend developer at a great startup company in Berlin (i moved to germany for the sake of my music career), and really excited to get paid to keep learning! Just wanted to drop this post here to say that it IS possible and you CAN do it as long as you can find the motivation to work your way through the course. Thank you to everyone who contributes and contributed to the odin project. I owe you guys!


congratulations to you @akaswen


Congrats! Wish you 100 more years of success wherever the path leads you.


Congratulations! Well done! And thanks for sharing your success with us students!


great inspiration, congrats


Congratulations @akaswen May the codes continue to be with you. Thank you for the great motivation.


Congratulations @akaswen!


thanks for letting us know and congratulations! really helps to hear from people that have gone through the odin project, and have found success.


Congratulations!!! Thank you for letting us in on your success!!


First and foremost CONGRATULATIONS my man!
1.How many job interviews have you made?
2. What technologies do you use to your everyday life? (ror/node-express)
3. How much of th Odin Project’s curriculum have you completed?

Just curious could you provide us your github account I am curious to see how much effort it takes to be a proficient coder like you have became!

P.S. really cheers mate it is AMAZING what you did and more importantly that you have selected and achieved to change your profession!