I fell off 2 months ago. How do I get back


I fell off 2 months ago. I reached the first project (recreate the google homepage) and I just fell off with life happening around me. How should I go about getting back on? Honestly, I feel mildly ashamed in myself. I had such drive to start but something happened and it threw me and I feel like I failed so early on. I put a ton of time into the first week reading a ton but I got burned out and just stopped. I badly want to learn but I feel like I just keep hitting every mental roadblock there is.


Hey :slight_smile:

I feel mildly ashamed in myself

Ashamed in what exactly ?
You are learning to code, to better yourself and to explore new possibilities, of course you are going to hit some roadblocks, nothings to be ashamed of !

I don’t know you, but I feel proud of you for even reaching out, and trying out again, especially after stopping when life got hectic for you.

So, please, take your time, start from whenever you need to, even if this is the first lesson, but don’t you ever feel ashamed for learning something new, you are awesome just for trying :slight_smile:


I think you just did your first step. And that is asking for help.

First, an update. We now have 3 tracks to choose from: Full Stack Ruby On Rails, Full Stack JS, and Front End. I believe this wasn’t the case 2 months ago. So your 2nd step might be deciding which one to take.

The important thing is to get started again. Do what’s easiest. Like Arthur said, even if it’s the first lesson.

For roadblocks, stepping away from the screen might help. Take a walk. Post what you’re stuck on here or in Discord. You might be on gear second everytime you go through the lessons. Avoid this.