I feel like a total idiot or fraud trying to do this


Maybe not the right place, and please delete if need be. But does anyone else feel the same way? I accomplished some smaller victories and felt proud of myself two nights ago. But right now? I am at…GIT BASICS and I am starting to feel like I have no idea what I am doing. It feels like lots of copying and pasting. Towers Learn Version Control with Git really made me lose any sort of confidence I had, like a dead stop. It asked me to create ignore folders… which I never did and have ABSOLUTELY ZERO IDEA what it was talking about. So I ignored it and moved on back to TOP portion of the lesson.

Then Practicing Git Basics ADD ANOTHER FILE 2. Open README.md in your text editor of choice… how do I even do that from the terminal? I am positive there was an easier way, but I actually manually opened VSC and then manually searched for .git_test and opened README.md from there. I googled how to open my file from the terminal, and came up with Cntl-Shift-P, but that did nothing.

I am starting to get to the point where my head hurts, which I know is when to put this down. But for anyone who is more advanced than me, (which is a lot of people lol) is it just a matter of practicing the same exercises/assignments over and over again to get this? Because again, I feel like I am only accomplishing any thing all because I know how to copy and paste. I know this is not supposed to be easy, I mean if it was, I don’t think lots of people could make good money doing this. But… idk, is this something anyone can do? Or…idk. I am just looking for encouragement I guess.



I feel your despair as I had it too (maybe not as much)
But i can tell you to go at it slowly and the main thing is to be consistent and try moving forward every day (even though sometimes you won’t feel it).
I’m not that far ahead of you and at times it felt overwhelming but now I feel much less so & that I understand the concepts much better.
Also sometimes just taking a beak and getting some fresh air while your mind sorts, organizes & figures things out is grossly underestimated.

BTW, to open the terminal you CTRL + ALT + T at the same time and it’ll open then just type the word “code” and your text editor will open like a charm.
Secondly, The ignore feature on GIT wasn’t clear for me either and it took me some time to understand the basics but I googled it and watch what I could on YouTube and now I have a much better grasp (but not good enough yet to be able to teach/explain to you.


I feel the exact same way right now, and it’s because of the same 2 areas of the tutorial.

That Towers tutorial makes assumptions that we know how to do x, y and z, when we have never been taught anything about x, y or z.

And when I opened vscode to find the readme.md file somehow, vscode was still in my-first-rails project or whatever that was. I don’t even remember how I finally got to the right place to add the line they wanted me to add and then check the git status and all that.

You are not alone in feeling like you have no idea what you are doing.


Thank you so much for understanding. I was having a rough time last night, and just wanted to reach out and see what others felt like. I appreciate the code tip. I felt very dumb typing “open code” and other such nonsense.

So maybe that site TOP linked for “Ignore” functions wasn’t the best? I will try to google a different source for learning the ignore features. That site made it seem like its too late to add ignore functionality after the fact, but as someone who is a little farther ahead than I am, do you think it is too late to add it? Thank you again Aussie.


THANK YOU. Yes, that towers tutorial was really not as simple as every other tutorial along the way, and made me feel as if I kept missing some instructions or something else along the way. I was getting so frustrated.

And as for VScode, ABSOLUTELY THE SAME. I opened it manually and found I was still in my rails project. I had no idea how to get out of it, and it was only because I searched in the explorer manually for where I needed to be for the README.md file.

I am so happy that other people are so understanding. I am going to keep pressing on, but I am definitely starting to get out of my comfort zone… which is good. I just hope I understand it more. I have a lot of the basic terminal functions down, which is nice. Like cd, ls, touch and a few others. But it is going to take more practice. Hopefully we both get to where we want to be. Fingers crossed XX


Hey I hated the towers too, poorly explained.
If you need a little help with vs code / terminal shoot me a message.


Thank you again @Odysseusss. I really appreciate your kindness. This girl from philly needs all the kindness she can get lol

You have me excited to pick this back up tomorrow. Thank you!! :nerd_face:


I feel like a total idiot or fraud trying to do this

We all did, or do, or will again. You hit a roadblock. Don’t let it stop you.
I hope you’ve come back to it in the couple of days since you posted, or that you will soon.

It’s not. As someone who’s maybe 15 hours further into the curriculum than you are, it opens up. You’ll start running into concepts that you can play about with and practice (and if you want to, build your own thing) with pretty soon. I think the git basics are a little bit like when you move into a new house, you’re excited to get all the furniture placed and unpack your books onto the shelf, but actually it’s much easier if you go ahead and paint the walls before anything else is in place. It’s not what you came here for but you’ll be glad you did it this way round later. (I can’t really say that with any certainty, but that’s how it feels to me having just gone through the first big ‘code this webpage and use git to manage the version control while you do it’ project).

From what I’ve seen: git ignore isn’t super important for early projects. I’ve used git status/add/commit lots during this first big project but haven’t had anything I’d need to ignore. Understanding that you can track a folder but specify files or subfolders within there to be not-tracked (ignored) is probably enough for now.
The other thing that helped me and might help you: we’re not used to doing things in terminal. I am used to doing things through a graphic UI. So for me going through the instructions to do things in terminal but then also clicking through the folders and files to see what was created where after I’d followed certain instructions helped it click for me.