I dont see the folder "app" in Github


when i typed “eval “$(ssh-agent -s)”” it says “agent pid 24283” but then when i typed “ssh-add -l” and “ssh-add -l -E md5”, the terminal says “The agent has no identities”


It looks like you haven’t generated the ssh key correctly. I would go back to section 2.3 here https://www.theodinproject.com/courses/web-development-101/lessons/setting-up-git and follow the instructions again for creating and linking the ssh key to github. Pay particular care when copying the key.

Where I’ve seen people get tripped up in the past is ssh-keygen -C <youremail> here you don’t enter the <> with your email address. Just ssh-keygen -C your@email.com but obviously using your email.

Also when you copy the ssh key make sure you copy all of it including the email address at the bottom.

Hopefully once that is all done you should be able to authenticate.

If you still have an issue then let me know but I won’t be back online until tomorrow. You may also find some assistance in the chatrooms.


Alright Thanks @CouchofTomato We’ll Talk Tommorow


Hold Up But I Didn’t Put It With The Brackets, I Only Put It With Email


Yeah you may not have but I was just pointing out where I’ve seen some issues in the past. Let me know once you’ve tried generating a new key.


ok @CouchofTomato i don’t understand how to get the ssh key


oh @CouchofTomato i think the file is in the home files for xubuntu i think so


It tells you in the instructions how to get the ssh key.