Http://localhost:3000/cars Doesn't work

Everything up to this point seems to have worked correctly.

I could be trying to open this incorrectly. I don’t have a web browser installed on my virtual machine, so I tried to open it on my host, which doesn’t seem right. Do I need to install a web browser on my virtual machine or is there another way I should be opening this?

It didn’t work for me either and I am using Firefox on the VM.

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You can’t use a host browser when running code in a VM. Any linux distro will have a built in browser you can use.

I’m using Ubuntu and I can’t open the browser. It keeps telling the connection isn’t secure.

What connection? localhost?

I also had an issue getting this to run but resolved it so sharing here…In the VM, I right clicked on the desktop and selected Create URL link. I pasted the localhost:3000 link in the URL field. Clicked Create. When I launched it from my desktop, it launches Firefox and the Cars application is running in the browser.

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Hey, did you figure it out? did it work for you? I’m facing the same issue. i tried searching online for any solution and nothing.

Can you provide some more details about the issue @iam-hr-523?

I am facing the same issue, I have tried to create the URL lick on desktop, but had no luck?

Could it have something to do with chromedriver-helper being depreciated? Or Ruby sass reaching the end of life? I have tried to search for fixes for both these issues but have had zero luck finding out how to rectify these. please help?


Type heroku logs into the terminal when in the rails project folder. That should give you an indiciation of any potential error.

Thanks for your reply mate, I redid a bunch of the steps and it worked the second time. I think seeing the warnings about the old sass and chromedriver threw me.:call_me_hand:

Hey folks,

Go back to and re-read the instructions. I missed cd my_first_rails_project. after I fixed that everything worked okay.

I’m having issues with opening http://localhost:3000/cars… I have tried redoing the steps on but nothing seems to work. I typed heroku logs into my terminal like CouchofTomato suggested and it said that I am missing the required flag: -a, --app. What do I do?

@anna-christian77 Can I see a screenshot of your terminal please?

It says it can’t find a javascript runtime which means you don’t have nodejs installed.

Try installing it from here

ok so after I install nodejs, what do I do? Do I redo all the steps or just try reloading localhost3000?

I tried redoing the steps in the hopes that installing nodejs would solve the problem, but when I got to the step for creating the application, the terminal said I had another error. can someone help me understand what’s going on and maybe help me with a solution?

That happened because when you created a rails app it already existed from the first time you created it so those warnings are telling you that if it creates those new files will overwrite the previous ones.

I would just delete the my_first_rails_app directory and then start again from the rails new command to create the app again.