Http://localhost:3000/cars Doesn't work


Everything up to this point seems to have worked correctly.

I could be trying to open this incorrectly. I don’t have a web browser installed on my virtual machine, so I tried to open it on my host, which doesn’t seem right. Do I need to install a web browser on my virtual machine or is there another way I should be opening this?


It didn’t work for me either and I am using Firefox on the VM.


You can’t use a host browser when running code in a VM. Any linux distro will have a built in browser you can use.


I’m using Ubuntu and I can’t open the browser. It keeps telling the connection isn’t secure.


What connection? localhost?


I also had an issue getting this to run but resolved it so sharing here…In the VM, I right clicked on the desktop and selected Create URL link. I pasted the localhost:3000 link in the URL field. Clicked Create. When I launched it from my desktop, it launches Firefox and the Cars application is running in the browser.