HTML/CSS project of Google search results page deconstructing and rebuilding

Hello, I just finished the project of Google search results page deconstructing and rebuilding. I have put a lot of work into this project and for the first time used Git and GitHub. If someone is willing I am open for any feedbacks. :blush:
Repository ->
Live preview ->

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Impressive! Looks authentic. And your ReadMe demonstrates what you learned really clearly.

Great job.

Thanks for noticing Readme file, because it was the first time I wrote it and it felt like another mini project for me. :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

Thank you. ^^

For sure. I work in adult education and reflecting on what you learned, as you did in your Readme, is a great way to consolidate your learning. Also, it’s prompted me to step up my Readme game!

Your project looks nice! Your impeccably designed Readme file inspired me to update my own with a clearer explanation of the skills I used. Thank you so much for sharing!

Thanks a lot! I’m glad you got some inspirations. Happy to share. :hugs: