HTML/CSS Google Project (Easy Version)- Feedback


Finished the easy version of the HTML/CSS project. Appreciate any feedback.

The footer is fixed, although that was not my intention. I was trying to get the footer to disappear when you scroll upwards when the web browser in minimized.

Also, the search bar doesn’t have a box shadow when it is focused, only when it is hovered over.

They are the only 2 things I have found to be visually different from Google’s actual page. Was anyone able to achieve the above 2 factors? Feedback appreciated.

Links below:


Looks great! well done :slight_smile:

Can’t really comment on the footer (without seeing code), but I would point out that the search bar does always have a shadow, but the shadow is much larger when hovered. This is to do with the css settings for shadow size and/or spread, which must be different in the case of hover.