HTML/CSS Google Complete


Hi all,

I just completed the assignment, but I have no clue how or who to submit, or whether to submit at all. There was mention of pulls and contributing on GitHub, but I don’t know what this has to do with submitting an assignment. I’ve watched both videos and read the article and still don’t see how to submit the projects/repos.

Please review, or if I need to do something to submit this, please help clarify. I’m very confused.




  1. First you fork The Odin Project’s curriculum repository to your own github profile.
  2. Then you can pull this version to your computer.
  3. Then you can edit the google-homepage file, adding your solution under the rest of the solutions.
  4. Then you push your newly edited file back to your github repository.
  5. Then you submit a pull request on the original Odin Project curriculum repository.

The video does a much better job at explaining it :+1: