HTML and CSS before Javascript?

Hey community!

I just finished the WebDev101 part of the Full-stack Javascript curriculum, and wanted to ask more experienced Odin-learners on Input. The next section in this curriculum is Javascript, followed by HTML and CSS - while it is the other way around in the Ruby track.

So far, I feel pretty comfortable with anything JavaScript related (I have some experience with Python), but in the projects/assignments, I had the most difficulties with the HTML and CSS parts. Therefore, I am inclined to do the HTML and CSS parts first, so that I will have it slightly easier in the Javascript Projects. Does it make sense? It should work, since this is also the order in the Ruby track - or am I missing something that is being taught in the Ruby-specific parts?


Everything is designed to be taken in order. We cannot vouch for things that are not taken in order.


JS and HTML/CSS do completely different things. The first is a programming language, the latter are for communicating with browsers and styling, respectively. But when applying JS to a web project, you will likely be applying it to HTML elements/CSS styles.

I also learned Py as my first language, which made me more comfortable with JS than most online tutorials seemed to assume. And I did and still do have trouble with the front-end.

I have not personally gone through TOP for any track, am pick-and-choosing what I feel I need, which they have somewhat discouraged (sim to comment above) for reasons relating to assuming everyone here is starting from scratch.

If you’re not starting from scratch (actually, nevermind the condition), you can decide how you learn best. Just know that in any curriculum, if you jump ahead, you may need to jump back to catch a point you missed.

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Makes a lot of sense, just do it :wink:

I could be wrong here but I believe OP is referring to how the Full Stack track has the JS classes listed before the HTML/CSS classes. I too assumed we should dive into HTML and CSS first before JS.

Check this out & decide yourself, since you already have experience its an easy decision to make

Also learning web development is a marathon, many want to sprint themselves out to complete the guide… why rush? better to learn it slowly and understand what you’re doing…

Once in a while, refactor your code till you’re satisfied, make your projects work & look better… not look like a piece of crap & does not even work properly

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