HTML and CSS Basics - How much of the Codecademy course should I be doing?


This lesson says to do “only the free stuff”, but I have a free trial period with Codecademy and I can’t tell what’s free and what isn’t.

Should I do all of the lessons shown in the screenshot above or just the Introduction one which I’ve already completed?


If you log out and view the syllabus, it’ll put a “pro” marker on the paid sections.


What a creative solution, I would have never have thought of that. Cheers, thanks!


To save the next person time, here are the free lessons that should be completed:


  1. Learn HTML: Elements and Structure
    Introduction to HTML
    HTML Document Standards
  2. Learn HTML: Tables
  3. Learn HTML: Forms
    Learn HTML: Forms
    Learn HTML: Form Validation


  1. Learn CSS: Selectors and Visual Rules
    CSS Setup and Selectors
    CSS Visual Rules
  2. Learn CSS: The Box Model
    The Box Model
    Changing The Box Model
  3. Display and Positioning
    CSS Display and Positioning
  4. Learn CSS: Colors
    CSS Color
  5. Learn CSS: Typography
    CSS Typography
  6. Learn CSS: Grid
    CSS Grid Essentials
    Advanced CSS Grid


Thanks for sharing that!