How to "read" stuff in github


So I’m reading through Tower’s Learn Version Control with Git, and something caught my interest-- “A helpful compilation of ignore rules for different projects and platforms can be found here:” .

Found where?

This is a total noob question, but how is this a compilation of rules? To me it’s a bunch of folders with a bunch of code in it. How do I read this stuff? Where is this list of rules I clicked to see? How do I use this page?
To me, a compilation would be a like a numbered list or something—
Files you can ignore in git:


Scroll way down to the bottom of the page you linked. That’s where the human readable part is.
It’s not so much a list as a list of lists for your viewing pleasure, and possibly personal use.

At this early stage you are probably only needing to put


in both your .gitignore and .dockerignore files. That way you don’t include unnecessary baggage in your Docker containers, or accidentally publish inconvenient details, like passwords or other secrets, in an image or git repository you might share.
Oh, I put Dockerfile and docker-compose.yml in my .dockerignore
My containers don’t need to know how they got put together :grin:
If one day I ever share them with others.


Thank you, @PhroggDev. That helps a little bit. i have no idea what a docker container is, but oh well. So much of this stuff is not formatted for a true beginner. It’s kind of discouraging.

Thanks for trying to help.


If you read further down, Github provides several links on how .gitignore works:

Don’t be discouraged. Learning all of this doesn’t happen all at once but in a series of “a-ha!” moments. Keep at it.