How to Pull Request Assignment Web Development 101 Project:HTML/CSS



Hi guys~

I still don’t really understand about Github.
I just finished my mini project from Web Development 101 Project: HTML/CSS. Make a google home page.
I’m stuck at the Student Solution

“Submit a pull request with a link to your solution in this file when your project is complete. See the section on Contributing for how.”

I already checked the contributing for how to pull request. But i still can’t and don’t understand it.

// Editing files in another user’s repository
When you edit a file in another user’s repository, we’ll automatically fork the repository and open a pull request for you.

In another user’s repository, browse to the folder that contains the file you want to edit. Click the name of the file you want to edit.

Above the file content, click (picture of pen) . At this point, GitHub forks the repository for you.
// I can’t find that pen icon. :scream:
Make any changes you need to the file.

New content in file
Above the new content, click Preview changes.

File preview button
At the bottom of the page, type a short, meaningful commit message that describes the change you made to the file. You can attribute the commit to more than one author in the commit message. For more information, see “Creating a commit with multiple co-authors.”

Commit message for your change
Below the commit message fields, click the email address drop-down menu and choose a Git author email address. Only verified email addresses appear in this drop-down menu. If you enabled email address privacy, then is the default commit author email address. For more information, see “Setting your commit email address.”

Choose commit email addresses
Click Propose file change.

Commit Changes button
Type a title and description for your pull request.

Pull Request description page
Click Create pull request.//


I got it now


Hi, I’m actually stuck on this now. Could you explain how you figured it out? Thanks!


What part of your stuck on?

I just did this for the first time, so I may not be very helpful. However, I watched the #2 “The more involved but proper way” video and felt like it explained it very well. I took step-by-step notes as I watched the video and didn’t run into any problems (except the end of the video is not 100% accurate, plus the web interface has changed)