How to I ''cd'' into a file in the terminal?


I’m stuck I this part of the curriculum I’ve been stuck at number 6. They are telling me to test it using ‘‘cd’’ but when I go to the terminal and enter ‘‘ls’’ then ‘‘cd’’ and tab it gives me a list


cd is a command that means “change directory”. This allows you to travel to different directories/folders via your command line. However, you need to provide an argument to the cd command: the name of the directory you want to change into.

If you type ls, it’ll list the current files and directories for where you are at. Then, you can use cd to go into any of the directories you have (not files), something like:

$ cd Downloads/


It looks like it’s using the - as a modifier for the cd command. I’d remake the directory without the - and see if that works

I tried making a directory with the - infront and it wouldn’t let me. How did you manage that lo


The modifier is probably ~ and not -. A tilde rather than a hyphen.