How in detail should I learn the fundamentals?

Hey friends! So I’m looking through the JavaScript fundamentals right now, and I’m wondering what the recommendation is for how in-detail one should go. At the moment it feels like it’s taking a long time, and I’m looking at each expression to try to understand it, but I’m wondering if it might actually be better to skim it and go onto other parts?

I’m still a beginner, so I just don’t know what the best way to learn a coding language is. Any tips?


Personally, I would recommend reading everything in detail listed in the main part of the curriculum and skim everything in the “Additional Resources”. There are several sections in TOP where that means a lot of reading between projects/exercises, but it really pays off in the end. Honestly, I think skimming too much will hurt you when you start on your first project. I’m fairly active on Discord and I see a lot of people asking questions on things that they should have read & understood before moving on.

Also, a tip that greatly helped me was running a code snippets/examples as I read about them - in an html skeleton file. Most of the time, that meant using console.logs to understand what was happening. This helped break up the reading & really gave me a good understanding of what I was reading.

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As rlmoser99 said, I would say stick to the articles and additional resources of each section, don’t use any outside resource that’s not listed in TOP, otherwise, you’ll get overwhelmed of content and will suffer from paralysis for analysis. I tried to rush TOP the first time (like 6 months ago) and got heavily stuck, not being able to move forward from the Ruby mid-section and got so frustrated I just quit after 2 months. A month ago I came back and started doing each section exercise, reading all the articles and reference links, no more than that, I’m using just the resources TOP offers, and now I’m grasping concepts more easily than the first time.
I suggest you not only reading the articles but doing every exercise some articles may have, and try to do one or two variations of those exercises on your own. This will skyrocket your learning process. The fundamentals are the most important things in every field, take your time. I’m following a simple deadline to stay accountable, I must complete each section within 3 weeks, for example in the Ruby section (yeah, I’m there again) I must complete all Ruby Basics in two weeks, the same for Basic Ruby Projects. It’s better to study 1-2 hours per day than cramming all content.

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