How essential is the "HTML and CSS" course, for someone looking to become a Full Stack Engineer?

I am currently going through the “Full Stack JavaScript” curriculum, and I recognize that HTML and CSS are important to have an understanding of. At the same time I recognize that time management, and knowing what to focus on and what not to focus on are important aspects of learning Web Development.

I already have a basic understanding of HTML & CSS from the Web Dev 101 course, and from everyday use. I am wondering how much time I should spend going into more depth.

My question is that if it is worth the time to go through all 30 lessons in the “HTML and CSS” course?

  • Is it worth taking the time to thoroughly learn HTML/CSS if I plan on using a Front End framework like React for my projects?

  • Are there certain parts of the course that I should focus on, and other parts that are redundant and can be skimmed through?

I appreciate any thoughts you may have on this!

The curriculum is intended to be followed through, as is. That being said, there’s nothing stopping you from doing only the bits you want to.

While the course is designed for new learners to be able to go from zero to hero, if you believe there are section you already know sufficiently to skip, feel free to make that judgment call. Nobody is marking you based on your course completion percentage. Heck, nobody is marking you at all. The only person who knows if you’re putting in 100% is you.

Would you be able to look yourself in the mirror and say “I truly made sure I got the most out of The Odin Project?”


@xandora made some great points.

If you feel like you have those skills, go straight to the project for that lesson. If you can complete the project without issue, don’t go back. If the project presents a challenge to you, go back to the lessons.

Our curriculum is very intentionally curated. This means that everything we include is intentional. If the plan is to have strong fundamentals, it would be best to work through everything we suggest.


Those are some good points. Thank you for your input!

That is a good idea to gauge my level of competence by trying the projects. Thanks!

The best thing about this project is the way it guides us. If you miss a single line, you would find it difficult to follow. And you know if you follow exactly the same way they are asking, you would see that you are becoming more familiar and confident in the subject matter. I advice you , not to miss anything. Except additional readings. But as for me, I am planning to go through them, when I complete the project.