How do I center an image for the google website

Hi! Sorry english is not my native language, please bear with me. I am a newbie with just a few weeks of ecperience with TOP. I’ll appreciate it if you can help me out.

I am doing the google homepage project but I am currently stuck with centering the google logo. I have tried magin: 0 auto; but I still no dice. This is how the resulting page looks like:

If you also have other comments with regards to how i coded it, I welcome all criticisms. Thank you guys!

here is the html:

and here’s the css:

here’s the rest of the css:

It is incredibly difficult for someone to help troubleshoot with screenshots. The #1 way to get good answers here is to put all of your code online (like on and post a link with your question. The number #1 way that I trouble-shoot a problem like this is to look at dev tools and highlight each individual element to see if everything is working the way that I expect it to. Perhaps, you’ll see that the div that the logo is in, is not the width of the screen or maybe you’ll see that a css property is not applying the way that you expected. Take your time and comb through everything in dev tools.

If you still can’t find your problem, put your code online & post a link.

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Thanks for the reply. I’ll try doing what you said first then go post my code if i still can’t find where the error is. Thank you!