How did you discover The Odin Project?


I’m honestly curious how everyone stumbled upon this great resource.

I myself heard it from a friend when I was talking about FreeCodeCamp. I also found it pop up online when I was searching for “sites similar to Codecademy”.


I found The Odin Project while crawling around Reddit on night looking for a place to learn web development so I could develop a website for a business I was planning on starting. I started out thinking this would be pretty easy but it’s turned out to be one of the most challenging and satisfying things I’ve done in my life yet I’ve only been doing it for 1.5 years now.


I think I found TOP through reddit as well, I’m fairly sure it was Eriks post announcing it 4 years ago :scream:

I was mostly learning on Treehouse at the time, but wasn’t building any projects so I wasn’t properly learning. I learnt more from the google homepage project than I did in any of the courses I’d taken before that point.


That’s the same post I saw lol


I found out about the site whilst engaging in the comments on Solo Learn :grin:


Oh wow it’s so cool seeing the excitement on that reddit post! People were getting so pumped!


It was reddit for me too… not sure what post though. I think I saw it in the comments.


Reddit as well… not the original post mentioned above though. Can’t quite recall


I came across TOP from Quora!


I think I watched a youtube video about the best learn to code resources


I stumbled on The Odin Project in a forum somewhere as I was researching coding resources / tutorials!


Same here, I remember seeing that post, but I don’t think it’s the first one I saw
ed: was supposed to quote Jonathan’s post, but I forgot how!


A friend of mine who is actually a web developer for Disney recommended it. I had been looking into coding for a while and asked for his advice about the best method as far as employablibity and learning. He said hands down that this was the best website for both aspects. You come highly recommended and I can see why :wink:


I found it on reddit in the learnprogramming sub.


I was guided here from Agileventurers. Many thanks to Sam Joseph. Love already The Odin Project.


I found the Odin Project first time here:
Second time I was looking for more information (google) about Rails Active Record.