How did you discover The Odin Project?


Likewise! I found it randomly in a Reddit comment, I like to think it was a good coincidence because I was lost as to how to proceed into teaching myself web development. It looks even more promising than the Udacity courses, if I’m going to be honest.


Hello everybody. I found TOP through Daniel Kehoe’s learn rails website. I’ve taken a couple courses in Ruby and Postrgresql and would like to learn how to build my own app.


From a youtube video


I found it on reddit where they compared TOP to FreeCodeCamp.


Found it on quora where they were comparing different learning experiences for a newbie web Dev (codeacademy , FreeCodeCamp and Odin) . Odin was the one that resonated with me , and here i am … very happy to be a part of the community :slight_smile: … the start looks awesome !


I was surfing online for a good life platform to learn and I came across The Odin Project and I a glued to the site. Very explanatory. I love love. I am new to the whole programming thing and no background of computer science but I believe with consistency and practice I will achieve my goal.


I found it in a blog.


Hello! I’m new to coding. Taught myself some very basic html years ago and decided to try and learn more to help me on my desired career path. Looking forward to learning from and with you all!


Hi everyone,

I’m new to coding. Looking for a career change. I found the odin project through google.


Funnily enough, I found it while reading through some of the Microverse’s pages when I was considering signing up for their course.


We are really glad you are choosing to go with our program. :slight_smile:


i found it through a reddit link! i know a little bit of rudimentary html. i make online interactive art. and i really want to learn how to code and find new ways to tell stories


Found the site via medium. Have no idea what I’m doing, but I want to find something that is going to push my ability to concentrate as I have recently realized I have some form of ADHD. Kinda don’t have any kind of career, despite being in my mid 30’s and I’m hoping I can make something of this. Can’t concentrate for more than an hour at a time right now, but I’m working on it.


I found out about through a subreddit thread. OP mentioned if anyone knew of alternatives to freecodecamp.


Can’t remember which one exactly, but it was one a generic web developer Subreddit… Super happy I stumbled across it though


Hi! I heard about TOP in an old Code Newbie podcast (episode 2, precisely (so, yeah, quite old))!


As I became more and more fed up with my career, I would occasionally do searches about learning web development/full stack/etc. The Odin Project kept coming up as a valuable free resource, and voila!


I came here from


Hi, First I want to say that I love this site and I love the way you put the curriculum and thanks so much for you.
I found this site on google, I was searching for something about code and programming and I entered one of the results and it was this lovely site. I’m lucky to know about it. So far it feels right how the curriculum take you step by step in all the matters belong to web and programming. So happy to be here!


Hello all!! I am a new to Odin. I found the Project by listening to a podcast! Since I was a kid, I have always wanted to do something with computers. As I grew up I changed my mind. I have been super unhappy with the way my life has been going and have been super depressed in the past few years. I did some volunteering and that lead me to some ideas for making some apps and websites for the group. I have DOVE into teaching myself to code and stumbled upon Odin. I now feel I have a purpose and found my center again. I have reconnected with something I have wanted to do for a long time, just never knew where to start and didn’t think I had the resources to do it. I have always had a love for computers and a drive to learn more about them so HERE I COME! :):grin: