How did you discover The Odin Project?


We would love to know how you found our program.

We are happy everyone is here. Best wishes on your learning!


Well, it all started a few weeks ago when I fell in with some old friends. We got into some pencil and paper DnD, or was trying to. It’s so hard to get games that I ended up making a Discord server to connect players with DM’s. Over night I had 300+ people and realized there was a need in the community. So I started trying to graphic design, phone app, yada yada. Testing my skills to see what I could make or create for the community.

This finally landed me credits with Qwiklabs over at Google where I been doing some GCP stuff and having fun. Realized I was missing some pretty important stuff. The lessons there do a good job of teaching you without forcing you to code. That also seemed to be a glaring weakness. So I figured if I was gonna start somewhere, may as well start from the beginning.

I turn 40 soon, so have seen all these advances in technology in my lifetime. It’s always fascinated me, and I have dabbled from time to time. Finally in a position where I can focus time and energy on what has always been a small hobby and interest of mine. Now I can nurture it to a full blown love affair. Looking forward to the ups and downs, but as it stands, enjoying the “honeymoon phase”.



Good ol’ reddit! I knew about places like Codecademy but I was looking for a community of people instead of just lessons. So I searched for those keywords and eventually landed on a reddit post linking to TOD.


I found it on Skillcrush. They mentioned it in an article, and I’d heard of it before, but I guess I just need some tough love.

25 years in technology, and I am so far behind now it’s not funny. Scared to death, but this is the only way I get better and have my technical world the way I want it.


i’m a tired old nurse and now am searching for a new career. My son has been working on the Odin Project for awhile now.


I’ve tried a french bootcamp call The Hacking Project. and they said that they were inspired by this project. So i decided to try it by myself.


I’ve created a group here in Africa, so that we can work together.


Hi everyone

New here to Odin Project, I came across this program a few years back. I believe I found it on a forum similar to (if not) Reddit. I never fully dove into the program at the time but never forgot about it.

Today, I’ve committed 3 mo to learning how to code and hope it inspires a journey toward a new future career path.


Awesome! Hope you find your passion for it. If you ever need a pair give me a shout. Good luck!


Mezdec, I am inspired by your story. It sounds like we have some similarities. I am 42 and I too have been dabbling with ‘tech’ since I was a young boy. Do you remember RadioShacks TRS-80 computers? I got to play on one of those when I was young. We would get a monthly magazine that had video game programs in it and I would spend hours putting them into BASIC and saving them to the cassette player. One of my favorite games was a SKI one, where you had to avoid trees and hit the ice patch for bonus yards.

I have been in sales / business building for most of my career, in the cell phone and security system industry. I am now looking for a career change and web dev/programming seems to be the way to go.


Hey bud! I agree, we do have some alot of similarities. We might have our work cut out for us with these young guns… but I game if you are. LOL. Pleasure to meet you to. Ya, I remember all that stuff. Was always fascinated. Sort of a dream come true to actually focus time on this. Let me know if you need a pair, be glad to run with you.


Lol, yes these young guns have the upper advantage… my brain doesn’t work like it used to. That would be great to pair up with you.


Through Nashville Software School, which I’m attending this Fall :slight_smile:


I found the program through research, I have been tossing around the idea to learn web development for a while and finally took the plunge!


I found this website through SMO Service in Australia. This is really informative forum, I am looking forward to reading more about it.


My buddy said the name in passing, I googled, and after doing some reading I was intrigued to sign up and here I am. :smiley:


From reddit! I was looking for resources on how to learn programming, i started looking around TOP and really liked the structure of the curriculum plus the community


Hi everyone,

I used to learn via Codecademy but then I felt that I was missing something from the site. My enjoyment comes from dabbling and building something. Furthermore, I do not want to pay someone for me to do it, where I do know the quality of the programme :grin:

I googled and googled until I found someone recommended TOP in a website. I do not remember which website unfortunately.

It has been an exciting adventure for me so far and I am loving it!

Keep up the great job!


I learned about Odin reading an article on Medium. I suffered an unforeseen illness after practicing veterinary medicine for 15 years and look to technology in order to re-tool myself with a valid set of hands going forward in this new economy. I am so very excited! We are a part of such transformation in this evolving world and I am grateful to be part of the Odin Community! Best to you all and I look forward to getting to know all of you. I am in West Seattle if anyone is nearby :+1: