How did you complete the html/css project?

So what I wanted to ask is how did you guys complete the html/css project? how long did it take you? (Especially the difficult one). Did you complete it just from what you learned from freeCodeCamp or did you have prior knowledge? Or did you learn from other sources along with freeCodeCamp?

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Obviously if you learn on freecodecamp continuously without actually having to use those topics in your own project you will forget most of the stuff taught.

What I do is just use Google search whenever I have a problem or cant seem to figure out what css properties I can use to do any particular thing.

For example if I want to align text and I don’t know which property I could use to align I would just search " how to align texts with css",
Then play around with the right property and it just builds the muscle memory and next time I remember from the experience.

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