Hi .... im looking for a study partner prefferably an absolute begginner

Hello, I am new here and would love to have a partner or partners to co-study with. I do not mind your level as any and all help is appreciated.
If I could join the group, I would be happy to @Wusinho.

Hello, i’m beginner here too . i’m just startung CSS

Yeah definitely How would you want to create a group?

I know I want to develop, but my mind has yet to learn the skills to do so. I’m in for sure! Absolute beginner here!

Is everyone using whatsapp? Or something else like facebook private group or something? I could easily set one up if anyone is willing.

We could use discord I’m on every day but if you guys want we could use facebook or whatsapp maybe even create like a group chat

An Absolute begginer here too!, I also woud like to have co-study partners, if someone wants to create a study group I am interesting

Hi, i am an absolute beginer too from Nigeria, how about we hook up?
Whatsapp me @09035110703

Have you already gotten a LearningPal? If not… you just let me know and let[s figure out how to get it rolling!

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Hi, I’m a beginner as well. Hope to work with people here

Hi, I’m also a beginner as well. I have started just HTML. And my NPT (Nepal Standard Time) is UTC+05: 45

Here is my Discord Username TheSickness#5136

Haven’t really heard back from anyone regarding making a study group on any specific platform so I deiced to make a study group on discord. I’m on there pretty much everyday and so if you want to be accountability partners or something along those lines just add me. My Username is Another_Human#6477.
Btw @UttamKharel, I wasn’t able to add you. Discord says the spelling is wrong, maybe that’s just me, but I’d thought I’d lyk.

I am just starting out as well. Would love to be in a study group.

I am just starting out as well. I’d love to commit around 1-2 hours per day to this work. If anyone else would like to join forces, that would be amazing! I’ve found that “pair programming” is both incredibly helpful from a technical standpoint as well as the community aspect. I have taught intro to computer science as a high school teacher, and taken some classes in data analysis, but web development is all new to me. With TOP I am planning on doing Ruby on Rails. Looking forward to working together!

@Another_Human can you please add me in to the study group on discord? I just sent you a friend request.


Hello @Another_Human,
Please I’d like to join your study group. I have sent you a friend request on discord.

hello i am also an absolute beginner. l know html and css. starting javascript . i am willing to join. thank you

I am also just starting out. I am interested in having a study partner too. How do I go about it?

Hey, just add me on discord. My username is Another_Human#6477.