Hi all, newbie here


Hi guys, my name is Honza and I am a teaching assistant/DJ from London. I had a revelation (if you could call it that) two years ago in my wife’s church after just thinking about what I really wanted to do as a future career (I’m not religous or anything. I guess I was thinking back on various things I enjoyed in the past. HTML suddenly came to mind! I did a few modules at Uni back in 1996 when they predicted that the web would be quite a technology in the future. My Degree at the time was in Theatre I was by no means into computing at all! But I was interested in how HTML worked for some reason. The only thing I remembered from the 4 lessons I took then was how to set up a link ‘a href’.

Anyway to cut a long story short after church I decided to do a google on web development and low behold my passion has come back again. I joined treehouse and various other courses within the last two years but within that time my wife and I have had a couple of children so I’ve had to stop.
I heard about The Odin Project and have decided to give web development a go again but hopefully with no interruptions. I am glad to join you guys!!


Welcome to the community!