Hi ,a newbie here from India! And I am confused

Just enrolled into Web development 101. I wanted to learn frontend web technologies since I have experiences with python. I am so confused as to which course to choose from the vast online courses. Should i parallely do freecodecamp as well as odin project? I have also enrolled in few coursera courses. I am in a confused state. Anyone have some words for me?

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I think the recomendation is to stick to only one course/method/source. Probably doing a lot of courses seems to be beter but is easy to lost focus.

I did freecodecamp previously, its easier than TOP, but when i try to put in practice what i learned i couldnt. This is because you solve a problem but the plataform doesnt demand you practice what you learn inmediatly. If you choose freecodecamp try to practice/learn every thing before passing to the next task. Of course this is my experience maybe in your case is diferent.

The odin project demands you more but (in my opinion) what you learn is rock solid, because you put in practice everything you learn almost inmediatly.
If you already have experience programing you passed the hardest part.

This is only my opinion try to search more opinions maybe in The odin project discord or in reddit.