Hey! Looking for a partner in Dublin, Ireland!


Hey there! I’m just starting with TOP and I’m really enjoying it so far, but I’d love to partner with someone to help encourage each other and work together on projects and stuff. Even if we’re just communicating online, having a learning partner would be great!


Hey there!

I have been working on the Odin project since the past week or so and just finished the Rock Paper Scissors project. If you have not found a partner yet, I would love to pair up.

Let me know if you are interested!


I’d definitely be interested! What’s th best way of getting in touch? I’ve also just finished the Rock Paper Scissors project so we’re at the same spot which is great! Discord for me is likely the best way of contacting me so if you want you can PM me for my Discord details.

Out of curiosity where are you based? :slight_smile:


I am based in New York. Unable to send you a private message here. You can find me on Discourse at specterGray.


What’s your tag? It’s the four digit number after your username on Discord