Heroku Installfest


Thx Jonathan for the fix. Now its working for me :slight_smile:


i’m a newbie, currently enjoying the tutorial. I’m on Installfest now, it has been smooth until now, i’m deploying my app to heroku and i’m starting to get errors per the below:

‘An error occurred while installing ruby -2.3.7
This version of Ruby is not available on Heroku-18. The minimum supported version of Ruby on the Heroku-18 stack can be found at:

what do I do?


It looks like you have an issue with the wrong ruby version being set. Take a look in the Gemfile and see if it explicitly sets a Ruby version anywhere.

Otherwise run ruby -v in your terminal and see if the output is 2.3.x or 2.5.x. If it’s 2.3 then rbenv hasn’t been set up correctly. You should swing by the gitter rooms for support.


i’ve checked from the terminal, the version is 2.3.7.

Guess I should head to the gitter rooms then?


Yeah, gitter rooms are a good place to get live feedback to debug an issue.