Help with Uploading SSH Key for Heroku


Hi folks,

I just started the 101 web development lessons and I was doing well until I got to adding my SSH key to Heroku, and I got this in Terminal. The icon next to the ellipsis is somewhat of an icon that is spinning.


Does this eventually lead to the SSH key being uploaded or…? I’d be happy to provide any other information too but just wondering if this is normal at this point.

TIA friends! x


Hey @ariellekelly

How did this end up? Did you manage to get it uploaded?


I just control + c’ed it, oh well. If you have any suggestions or insight, I would so so appreciate it!


I would try again one more time.


Very inspirational, thank you.


Here is a song to help you on your second try. If the song ends and the icon hasn’t finished spinning then report back and we will consider other options…