Help with Step 2.2: Prepare your rails app for deploying to Heroku


Hi everyone ,

Hoiping to get some help on this unsure exactly how to access this. It always says this is a directory whenever I type ~/railsbridge/test_app but doesnt let me get inside to change the gemfile





I am using Ubuntu 18.04 on Vitual box. Sorry for the rushed message was late to work! I am at work now!


Hi David,

Sorry for the delay in responding to this.

Inside the test_app folder there is a file called Gemfile.

You would normally direct to it in your IDE. Are you using Atom or Sublime or something similar. Say you were using atom then you could open the test_app folder in the app which should then list the contents of that directory. Inside there you should see a file named Gemfile. You can open that in Atom/Sublime and edit it.

Hope that helps.


Hey thanks a lot! I think I was just overthinking it! I just got sublime text and it all worked. Thanks!