Help with CSS Grid Layout

Hi there,

I have been working through FreeCodeCamp as part of my full stack course, and am working through the HTML/CSS projects to get some practice in. I have finished the first piece - a tribute page - but am struggling with my grid alignment.

I would like the title and subtitle to span the entire window, followed by the picture and caption (centred), and then the body text. I’m not sure where I’ve gone wrong in my code.

If anyone is able to help me out, I’d appreciate it! Thank you so much!

Link to my code

It would be easier to try things and try to help you if the code was live on an editor like Also, I thik since your project is still named “FCC Test Suite”, people who see that might think your link was wrong (I did at first).

Thanks for the feedback! Still very new to web dev. I’ve changed the name of my project. Here is the codepen link for easier use.

Ok[Try this main. Your site doesn’t have 5 titles so it is counterproductive to specify 5 titles in the positioning.

Thank you! After reading your edits, I realised that grid was overcomplicating things for this project. I’ve cleaned up my code to remove references to grids and it’s now functioning the way I want it to. I appreciate your help :blush: