Help with creating elements via javascript DOM MANIPULATION

I think i have appended the elements to the containers correctly

nothing shows up

Hey! You should put your code in a so people can mess around with it to see what’s wrong instead of giving screenshots. A lot of the time we can run it and poke around a bit and figure it out. Trying to read code through screenshots can make it very difficult to spot the mistake.

Please give this a read too

agreed, is good – need to be able to manipulate the code ourselves to help, and I’m sure as heck not rewriting what you did!

at a brief glance, for all the elements after container, you don’t say anything about where they should appear. For example, look at the last line in all these:

   // a <p> with red text that says “Hey I’m red!”
const red = document.createElement('p');
red.classList.add('red'); = 'red';   
red.textContent = 'Hey I\'m red!';
container.insertBefore(red, content);

    //   an <h3> with blue text that says “I’m a blue h3!”
const blue = document.createElement('h3');
blue.classList.add('blue'); = 'blue';   
blue.textContent = 'I\’m a blue h3!' ;

thanks for all the help i figured it out.I didn’t realise the intial positioning of the script element would prevent it from is the solution!for any anyone else who gets a bit lost like i did Screenshot 2020-06-10 at 16.44.11|690x248