Help needed - git push heroku master - errors on this part


Did you type heroku create?


I did:


It looks like maybe you have errors in your Gemfile (two entries for pg gem, for instance). Can you post the full contents of your Gemfile?


I did but I fixed them so my gemfile is like this now:


So are you asking about the original problem you posted 3 months ago, or the pastebin example you posted 1 hour ago (both in this thread)?


I did not post this 3 months ago, I only found the thread now while looking for a solution for the same problem so I thought it is better to continue under it since it is the same issue. My problem is the same as this person 3 months ago… then I posted the pastebin to let you know about the details of my case.
I am the person who posted this though: I am having issues with generating templates from Rails And you helped me fix that problem, but now I have this issue as the guy 3 months ago …
I hope I wasn’t too confusing :smiley:


The exact same error message as the original poster?

Have you successfully added and committed your file changes using git?

git add .
git commit -m “your commit description”


yes I have … I can restart though… And see what happens…


sure, try that and see if it is committed already… any errors, post the output here


I am just not sure if I cause problems when I redo all the commands given here… :confused:
For example the SSH key part or even the very beginning


Well, if you can commit changes, that’s a start. If you can also push changes to github after commiting, that’s even better.

e.g. after commit:
git push origin master


I started again and I still have the same problem at the ‘git push heroku master’ command: ! Your account does not have access to appname.
! SSH Key Fingerprint: bd:a3:89:37:7c:32:ef:7e:4b:d4:ad:24:85:17:e0:ad

fatal: Could not read from remote repository.

Please make sure you have the correct access rights
and the repository exists.

this is my Gemfile content:

this is my commandline from the restart to the error:


Yep, that looks like problems with permissions on your heroku account / heroku setup on your machine. Maybe time to go ahead and redo the heroku setup section.

Out of interest, do you have GitHub account, and can you push to that OK?

Also: don’t forget to have a break (I often problem solve better after a good rest), and remember how much you have got to work so far :slight_smile:


Yes I have a GitHub account :slight_smile: I will maybe start over again today :slight_smile:
Since I did take some hours of sleep :smiley:
Thank you for everything I will keep going back to this thread if any problems :slight_smile:


I did it from the beginning again: but the same problem comes up.
My insecurities are:
1)I am not sure about this command: 'git remote add origin ’ … because I don’t have a url i just write ‘git remote add origin mykey’ because this is how I named my ssh key a week ago and now I don’t know how to access it to get this url …

2)I used this command several times while redo-ing everything except for this last time: ‘curl | sh’
My question is did I do something wrong installing Heroku every time with this command? And how can I uninstall before reinstalling it if that’s how it is supposed to be done?



Did you use the same email to sign up for heroku that you used when creating the ssh key?


Yes I use the same address for everything.



What does git remote -v show?


this comes out: fatal: not a git repository (or any of the parent directories): .git
I have done everything many times so now my repository has 6 commits, 1 branch and zero releases if that adds any information … :confused:
Anyways I will now try to delete the repository, the apps in heroku, directory and file of app in my computer and do everything from the beginning again … I don’t have any other option … I just think that there might be something wrong with doing this process so many time for example installing heroku cli everytime again and again…etc


I think it would be super helpful if we could see some screenshots when you’re running into trouble so we can see where you are at @TheMelpo