Helloooo from The Netherlands


I am just starting off with the Odin project in the hopes of getting into programming.

At the moment I am a freelance bartender/hospitality worker in The Netherlands. I have always loved everything that had to do with computers though the bulk of my interest was with hardware. I have done a bit of computer tinkering for myself and others that did not poses the skill to manage it themselves. I always thought coding was far too difficult and since my interests were elsewhere I never thought about starting it seriously.

After having worked in the hospitality field for many years I have started to realise I do not want to be doing this for the rest of my life. Though I still see many opportunities in my field and i am still enjoying it i want to expand my knowledge of things unrelated to hospitality and wanted to add an other field i can possibly find employment.

Something that piqued my interest was that you can program on a freelance basis at home or on the move. I love to travel…i love it so much that I deem it to be my main goal in life to see and experience as much as I can. Bartending fits this because…well…other than the middle east, everybody else loves a bartender! Programming would be a fantastic skill to add to my repertoire since nowadays… everyone loves a programmer too!

I am very serious about seeing this thing through, though i have been before with a few other things and those things did not end up working out simply because i got distracted or it just did not fit my personality and goals in life. I have a feeling this time it will be different and hope i can count on the Odin community to help me out wherever possible since i do not have many programmers in my circle of contacts.

Much love and wish me luck (and dedication).

With warm regards,



Welcome @Mushcap

Good luck learning the skills you need. Hopefully you can reach your goal of becomming a digital nomad.


Thank you :slight_smile: