Hello World


Just an unemployed line cook trying to change careers. I learned the basics of python over the past couple months, but not sure if I like it and want to start looking at JS to see if web dev might be more my thing. Any advice aside from going through all the resources TOP has to offer? I’m still practicing python on the side, but its really hard to stay disciplined.
If anyone else is in a similar situation of having to suddenly change careers with no idea what they’re doing, I’m down to make a study group and work through TOP resources together. It’s hard as hell to self motivate and it might be a little easier to have others to speak to about the struggle.

I’ll be working on coding M-F lil bit at a time. Just HMU here and we can make a discord server or something. If not that’s cool too, I have no idea what I’m doing.

Please see this post: Pair Programming Removed From Curriculum & Official Discord Server

You’re welcome to join our official discord server.

I went through some of what you shared. Started with Python. Tried different things. Best thing you can do for yourself is focus on one learning resource. Not saying you gotta’ do our curriculum. But pick one and stick with it. Getting plugged into a community is huge. I grew a lot faster when I started asking, and answering, questions on our discord server.

See you there.