Hello i'm a nigerian female that's trying to self-learn web development i need a partner to tag with as i can't track my progress alone


i’m a nigerian female that’s trying to self-learn web development i need a partner to tag with as i can’t track my progress alone.


Hello Chizzy,
Whats your github Username so we can partner?


my username is classychizzy would be happy to partner with you


I just followed you on github, you can follow back.


Hi you guys. can I be a part of this too? although I only just started and would love to get my feet wet first and at least understand basics before I can be able to contribute anything. But I DEFINITELY would very much appreciate both an accountability partner and a coach. Please let me know. Merry Christmas y’all.


hey dear you’re welcome on board. we have communicated much here but you’re free to join us


hey i haven’t heard from you. what have you been up to


I wish to join this team.


I am up for it as well.


let’s all meet on discord, can someone create a group there so that we can communicate better



i have joined your server and still no one there.


i was hoping everyone would join the server as soon as i shared the link. anyway my email address is chizobachukwuoma@gmail.com or we can chat on discord my username is classy chizzy. would love to partner with you thanks


I’ll like to be a part of this group. I’m a Nigerian too


I also want to be a part of this group