Hello, I am a beginner and I am stocked. Please HELP!


I have began the pre-course.

But when I got to this topic: Step 2: Creating your first Ruby on Rails web application

I am stocked because I keep seeing error.


Hi @sammyericsson

Can you give us some more details please.

What error? What OS are you using? What have you done so far?


Hello, please I need help figuring this out.

According to the course, when I run this code,

‘rails new my_first_rails_app’

I’m supposed to get this output:
‘Bundle complete! 18 Gemfile dependencies, 79 gems now installed.’

But the screenshot is what I see, please can anyone help out???


Hi @sammyericsson

It looks like you already created a rails app and are trying to create a new one, so it’s warning you of conflicts with creating files that already exist.

You can just delete the files in that app if you want and run the command again.


Thanks @CouchofTomato. How do I delete the files in that app and run the command afresh?


Make sure you are on the odin_on_rails folder and then write sudo rm -rf my_first_rails_app

Then you can run rails new my_first_rails_app


Okay thanks, Done. I have another problem currently,

It keeps telling me that it can’t find Gemfile


are you in the correct directory?

in your earlier screenshot it looks like you created a rails app in the odin_on_rails directory

make sure you are in the rails app root directory when you run bundle install, etc.