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hey everyone, my name is Joshua. I am currently attending Queen's University for a bachelor's in a mining engineering technology(B.Tech) which is an online program. I recently just graduated from Seneca College and acquired an advanced diploma in Mechanical Engineering Technology - Building Sciences. As much as i enjoyed my time there i really had to question myself and ask if i could really enjoy the field and the answer i came up with is no. Although i enjoyed certain courses such as Thermodynamics and Renewable Energy Technologies, i knew that going into the building maintenance industry just wasn't for me. A few reasons i decided to attend the program at Queen's University was because my eyes lit up when i was reading the outline for the courses. It brought up memories of things i used to be passionate about as a child with a mix of things i'm interested in now. The career options for this path are wide and truly do intrigue me. I believe that this program will be a crucial stepping stone in showing me what direction i want to go in life.

Hearing two of my close friends talk passionately about coding initially intrigued me, from there it was just taking the initiative to do the research. I looked into the many fields i could get into, the opportunity to work at home via remote jobs, to freelance and i landed at web development. I've always had a creative mindset but never had a proper outlet or to be more honest i never challenged myself. The more i read into web development i learned about front-end, back-end and full stack developing. I ended up wanting to learn full stack developing because it offers insight to both sides. Whether my journey takes me to full-time employment, freelancing or just a deeper understanding of how things work, i am excited to start the journey nonetheless.

My hope and dreams hmmm good question. My dream is to start my own business whether it be a tech startup, creating something that can benefit society, or even my own mining related business. My hopes huh...i guess my hopes would be, the ability to take care of those who took care of me, the ability to provide for my own family when i do have one and the option to retire by 55 to be honest.


Hello from the Netherlands,
I can definitely relate to your post, extremely honest :+1: I’m about to finish a degree in Applied Linguistics but I my ambition is to be able to do something practical with languages rather than just ‘know’ about how languages work, so that’s why i’m here. Hopeful that some programming/coding skills will give me the edge i’m looking for and to be honest, i just like coding albeit limited. It’s the closest i’ll get to being a magician i suppose. Anyway, good luck and let me know if you’d like to practice or complete a project together :slightly_smiling_face:

Hey Josh, I’m in a similar position as yours as I’m currently in Accounting over here at Ryerson and I’m finding that I don’t really enjoy the type of work that accounting would entail. I’m actually in an existential crisis right now and I’m just trying to find myself and I feel like learning how to code would be an interesting challenge for me with all the free time I have. It would be great if we could help each other on this journey and I wish you the best of luck man!

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Hey hope all is well, Thanks for your response i appreciate it. I like your thinking, i'm curious to see what can come from bringing linguistics and programming/coding together. I wish the best for you as well and i will definitely take you up on practicing or completing a project together sometime, i look forward to working with you :grin:

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Hey, Thanks for your response i appreciate it. I hope that coding helps you along your journey in finding yourself. I think it's good that you figured out that you wouldn't enjoy that kind of work. I believe that along this journey we'll figure out new stuff about ourselves and the paths we're meant to take in life. I wish you the best of luck as well and we'll definitely get a chance to work together or help each other out sometime :grin:

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:grinning: :+1:

Hey Joshua,
I’m from Toronto as well! I’m also attending Algonquin College for Computer Programming, an online diploma program. Hope you the best in your journey :slight_smile:

Hey Joshua, from Toronto here as well. Got my degree in chemistry (pharma/bio) 3 years ago and realized after the field is not the greatest and the work wasn’t as interesting as I’d thought. Spent two years after that frantically trying to figure out what to do with my life, a year ago I started looking into automating some things at this place I was volunteering, started my coding journey then and haven’t looked back. I started off learning VBA, then Python and SQL, then Django for web development, and most recently front end design and technologies.

One of the best things is the vast amount of great resources and community support for you to learn, and all you need is a computer and time/dedication to learn and build (whereas there is much greater barrier to make new drug discoveries or build a medical device).

I find coding really fun and rewarding, utilizes what I’m good at and enjoy (problem solving, creativity, building, increasing efficiency, thinking outside the box, etc). I think I am just a couple months away from having a presentable enough portfolio/projects to start applying for dev jobs it’s exciting and been quite a journey. My end goal is to start my own businesses with the ideas I have, there’s so much that can be improved with software (and AI).

Thank you and same to you :grinning:

Thank you for your response, i appreciate it. I'm happy to hear that your journey is going well, it really encourages me. I wish you the best of luck when you start applying and most importantly in achieving your end goal

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