Hello from NJ USA


Hello, my name is Chermel I am 20 almost 21 on the 23rd of this month. I’ve been out of high school for two years now and I am into music. I have tried going to college but it’s really expensive. My goal in life is to be a musician but it is very hard to make a full living off of that so I decided to give web development a shot since I have interest in tech.


Chermel, I hope you consider to use music as a hobby you do with friends, and you consider working in tech to be the way you primarily make your money. There’s of course talks about how musicians can “sell out”, but the reality is that everyone has a side hustle. For now, Music is your main gig, and maybe web development is a side hustle. If one makes more money, you can flip it.

Regardless, I hope to see you posting more soon!