Hello from Newcastle, UK


Hello everyone. I’m Graham, I’m 33, I live in Newcastle Upon Tyne in the UK, and I want to learn to build software.

My day job is as customer support for a company that makes a web app, and I get involved in a bit of testing and design too. I’m 5+ years into doing tech support for software and I’m happiest in that when I’m involved in changing something about the product to make it better.

I’m not sure what else to say here, so let me share some motivations, two big ones and two little ones: 1) I have a ton of respect for the developers I’ve got to know and work with over the last few years, I think creating something that works well from nothing is like a cool superpower and is probably something I’d have fun doing. 2) I want to be self-reliant. Okay, nobody can do everything themselves, but it’s a little demoralising when I can think through how to solve a problem but can’t implement the solution because sooner or later it involves working with code. 3) I don’t want to do user-facing support forever and I think some code knowledge will open more doors for me than other things would. 4) Developer money seems good for junior roles and really good for senior ones. I like software, I think it’ll be a long-term career for me, let’s make it one where I’m comfortable.


Never thought of it like that. I want that cool superpower too


Never thought of it like that. I want that cool superpower too

Yep, who wouldn’t? What’s the thing about ‘any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic’? We’re surrounded by incredibly advanced technology all day every day. Making something from it (even something small…a slider. A form…) sounds pretty neat to me.