Hello from a 30 yr old noob just getting started


After putting it off for a few years I’m feel ready to start down this journey. Recently turned 30 and just looking to challenge my mind and learn new skills. I currently work in energy efficiency as a consultant and would like to learn more about web development and how I can apply new skills to the field I’m in. Just posting this as an affirmation. And because I’m excited. This is something I’m GOING to try to devote 30 mins - an hour each night of the week after I’m done with my fairly easy and non-demanding day job.


hello! i’m also a noob here. i’m a 21 med student and i wanna enhance my skills and use the creative side of my brain…it’s been stale for a while haha. good luck to you on this journey!!


Great! Have some fun with this, that is what I am here for. I work in the industry, for many years as a web developer, and I am coming back to the basics to add a little more flair in my work.

Good luck with your journey!


Semi-noob here, I used to mess around with the old MUD codebases back in the day and VB progs back on AOL. 44 and trying to restart my career myself! Good luck!