Hello everyone it’s Jade from Nigeria


Hello guys! My name is Jade,I was born and raised in Nigeria and I’ve been trying to learn programming for a while now to no real success.

My journey with coding started a two months ago when I tried picking up a career in frontend development. Unfortunately I lost the passion because the html tags weren’t easy to remember for me who has never had the knowledge of software programming or coding and coming from an Accounting background, I gave up after a a month self learning. I have been browsing and looking for ways to get back on track, then I stumbled on Odin while doing google search.
So, glad to meet everyone, and I am happy I found Odin and I finally belong to a community where I can learn and grow in a Techy career.

Happy coding everyone. :slight_smile:


Hi Jade, I’m also from Nigeria. Nice meeting you.


Hey Jade, Nigerian here.

Nice meeting you.

Happy coding