Hello Every1 :)


Hi. My name is Dawid.

I am with computer programming for a while now, but never thought about it in the category of work.

It always was like a little hobby to make my life easier ( hah… sometimes harder :wink: ). I think I just like to know how world is made from scratches, so after I meet computer I want to know what it does mean that the program on my hard drive take loads of space… for example.

Coding, it seems to be easy when you read about (most time is common sense), but in practice always take me many hours of research to make even a small project work as I expect it to work…

I strongly believe that I will make it and in time of next year from now I will get hired as junior ( or maybe if I feel enough confident I will build something on my own, we will see).

So Hello World and see you there!