Having problems after deploying the rails project (Web Development 101)


Hello everyone.
I am having problems after deploying my rails blogger 2 project on heroku. The blog works fine locally but the articles dont show up on heroku. I cant also sign in to the blog on heroku. I appreciate your kind suggestions in advance.


If you run heroku logs in the terminal when in the project directory it should show any errors running in production


Thanks for your time. I have been able to resolve the issue. I ran heroku run rails console in terminal and examined my app for users (Author.all) and articles (Article.all). They returned empty arrays so I inferred that the user and article data I created locally didn’t get pushed to heroku with the app. I created a new user account on the deployed app and made new articles with that account and bam it worked!


Yes, heroku uses a production database whereas locally you use a development one. This is to protect your production data as often with development databases you fill them with dummy data to test things.