Got A Job!


I’ve been working from my new software dev office for some time now and it is all thanks to the Odin project. I came in with some software engineering background, but working on the Odin project really helped me grow as a developer.

Although I still have some parts of the curriculum left(javascript), my interviewers were really impressed with my knowledge level for an entry-level position. And none of this would have been possible without you guys.

Thanks a lot


Congratulations! Just out of sheer curiosity, how far had you gotten?

You must feel like a king right now lol, and rightfully so :smile:

Yeah lol, it feels great but also knowing that there is a lot more to learn. There are a lot of other interesting languages and technologies I’m hoping to pick up soon.

I was working on the full time ruby on rails course, and finished until the HTML& CSS section.

I still have about 70% of the Java script section left. So overall I completed

  1. Web development 101
  2. Ruby Programming
  3. Databases
  4. Ruby on Rails
  5. HTML & CSS
  6. Getting Hired

And javascript till the ‘organizing your js code’

congrats man, well done. Thanks for sharing this, it gives me inspiration:+1:

Congraulaions vedant!

How many months does it take for you to reach this level?

Very belated congratulations! That’s great, and inspirational. :slight_smile: