Got A Job! Thanx TOP

I’ve been meaning to do this for a while!

TLTR A big thank you to TOP and it’s volunteers that helped me get a junior developer job

As the title shows I have found a job and I want from the bottom of my heart to thank The Odin Project for it!

I am a CS graduate with an MSc degree but I lacked learning and practising coding in my curriculum as I found it boring and hard! I mainly focused in data analytics stuff but didn’t deeply understood what I was doing/what was going on under the hood…
Little did I know that 90% of the jobs out there are strictly for coding…

The beginning
Sooooo after an epic beginning here , I learnt a lot about VCS (git) and mainly CSS,html and JS.
I am currently finishi ng my web 101 course but the help I got was really big!
So time went on and on and I started learning a lot of GitHub, felt comfortable with Unix , terminal commands etc…
Ιn addition, via JS and a bit of Ruby projects I have also learned basic algorithms and coding :wink: More specifically, I got to develop 4-5 basic pages with JS functionality as well as think about basic algorithms like pig Latin and palindromes.

Let’s Start
It all started after 3 months playing ( full time) with TOP where there was an opening for a Java Spring (MVC framework) bootcamp.
I decided to apply, went through the tests and the technical interview was a breeze. Most of the stuff they asked were my life the previous months doing TOP…
The bootcamp was over I learned a bit of Java too + exercised a bit more my JS skills as i focused on front end (bootstrap that I’ve seen from my TOP projects etc) and I was out to the market!

Time to apply!
I never really applied as I mostly got offers via partners of my bootcamp but nevertheless the CV-Resume I did was once again based to the beloved TOP suggestions.
2 interviews later I got my first offer which was pretty low so even thought I really struggled mentally I declined.
Time went on and I have reached 13 interviews…

We’ve found a match
1st interview they inform me 1-2 days before I would have a multiple choice test in Java, C(I knew a bit from high school) and SQl!
Oh my god I told myself I am doomed!
Nevertheless I kept searching and believing TOP and quickly played around the first 2 sections of SQL course
I went to the test and I was genuinely impressed regarding what I could do as TOP (+GitHub/copy pasting overflow) had taught me how to read through a code and intuitively know what to change/do and except!
2nd interview after a bit talking a whiteboard interview started! It was absolutely hard! They told me to do a couple of things which pretty much resembled the algorithms I did 2 times on Ruby and JS here hahahaha

What is the job?
And now I guess the funniest part of them all?
I got 2 job offers one for java and one pretty lucrative to a really interesting company regarding SQL and COBOL!?! I’ve chosen the second one as it was more than I could dream of!
I was amazed that all these hours that seemed a bit worthless in the beginning of my journey through TOP were in the end sooooo indirectly important!


  • Stop procrastinating
  • Stop thinking about what language to start and trying to do a little bit of everything. Choose 1 learning material (TOP, udemy, etc) and stay on it!
    Persistence is the key!
  • Do not let others get you down. You can and will do it. It is not a matter of skill but a matter of time and effort you are willing to give in
  • A bit unpopular opinion but Learn Ruby! One of the best things I’ve done was reading thought learn ruby the hard way . It doesn’t really matter what language you wish to learn but I recommend ruby or Js as they are extremely easy to learn just enough to be dangerous :wink:
    ( Python is also a cool option but I suggest ruby’s TOP path as they are all organised :wink: . Don’t waste time searching for material…)
  • Don’t worry too much about the technology stack etc for your future company. After working 1-2 years you shall have enough knowledge to know what you like to do and if necessary. transition to another domain/ speciality…
  • Spent 10-15 mins to search LinkedIn and the company’s website to know a bit about it and have something cool to say during the interview :wink:
  • BE SELF CONFIDENT during the interview ! You don’t understand what they are saying?
    Don’t worry about it! Were you able to make some of TOP projects or anything cool during your free time? What do you think is the difference here?
  • On a personal not, be ready for a job mentally too. Try not to get influenced by family, relationship etc. I know it is hard but remember that this is your first job you got to take the bull by the horns! Every opportunity matters!

Congratulations!!! Sounds like you deserve all the success that you are getting! Great work!

Also, thanks so much for taking the time to describe your journey in such detail. There’s lots of good tips in there, and it really helps to keep me motivated.

Nice one! :grin::+1:

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Congratulations. I just started my journey but I hope i post GOT A JOB article in future. thanks for the boost.:hugs:


Thanks for the positive feedback. Always nice to hear another successful story.

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Congratulations proud of you!

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Best advice ever! Slumps and second guessing one’s abilities is a tough monster to slay and procrastination becomes a thing. Congrats and thanks for the inspiring words!
Time to grind,

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Procrastinating by reading this lol

Thank you for sharing your cool journey!!! It’s inspiring and motivating to us who are just starting with TOP.

Thanks for this post it’s so inspirational! Do you think if you haven’t gone to Bootcamp and just learned through TOP you would have landed the same job?

Congratulations, Just started my journey here…