Google thinks my github-webpage is deceptive



Ever since I uploaded my HTML/CSS exercise where I had to build the Google homepage and search results page, Google marked my web-page as deceptive. Did this happen to anyone else? Any way to fix this issue?

You can see it here:


It is probably becuase it sees the name of the repository or the website is “google homepage” so it thinks you are deceiving people by saying it is real google homepage. maybe change the name of the repo to something else? I went ahead and sent a complaint to google that the site doesnt even work fully so it can’t do anything.


Hey, thanks for your input and complaint. I will certainly do that once I get home. I also asked on discord and they suggested to remove hotlinks from and I also did that. Maybe it will help too. Hope it will get fixed :crossed_fingers:


no problem hope it works out